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KCHT Holding


  1. Sri Lanka WTE
    • This project is for solving waste problem and electricity supply in Sri Lanka, and in progress with the full support
      of Sri Lanka government supports.
  2. Sri Lanka Theme Park
    • We are developing a special theme Park with beautiful Indian Ocean with cooperation with Vallibei Power Erathna Plc.
  3. Premium Resort
    • PREMIUM RESORT is recreation residential spaces coexistent with health, rest, leisure, culture and art to increase the value of new life.
  4. Sri Lanka Oil
    • Sri Lanka is located in a very important position for sea route. So it is the main interests of Sri Lanka government.
      We are cooperating with Laros Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. which is famous local oil company.
  5. KCHT Holding is global marketing company of PE-IGCC of Green Science Co., Ltd. with its sales right.
    In Indonesia, we are discussing with GEMA Group for the construction of PE-IGCC and its marketing.
  6. KCHT Holding had agreement with OEDG in Vietnam and registering PE-IGCC technology which is Korea¡¯s Power in Vietnam government
    and promote in Vietnam.